YBOX is a boutique firm specializing in real estate investments and development in residential projects as well as income-producing properties such as retail and office buildings. Our vision at YBOX places the customer at the center, while the real estate solutions offered by YBOX to its customers are the meeting point of their dreams and individual needs.
Despite its vast experience in real estate investments and development, YBOX manages to apply a fresh and dynamic entrepreneurial approach: the firm focuses on unique projects, with a cohesive architectural outlook alongside high-quality standards characterized by paying extremely close attention to each detail.

Accordingly, the high standard set by YBOX stands out in each of its projects, as well as its customer service. Alongside financial robustness, YBOX is also offering its customers uncompromised reliability and professional integrity, which allow customers of the firm to make purchases with the reassurance of knowing that YBOX stands by them every step of the way.
YBOX was founded by Yaakov Gorsd, a highly experienced Israeli-French entrepreneur who owns several real estate and high-tech companies in Israel. In addition to his business activity in Israel, Gorsd also serves as a partner in several publicly traded real estate companies overseas. Gorsd is the founder and previous owner of the French company Cibox, a public high-tech company.

At the time, Gorsd was the youngest person ever to found and also own a publicly traded company in France. YBOX works with renowned and award-winning architects such as Ilan Fibco, Giora Gur, and others, who are known for their ability to integrate their unique architectural vision and language with their customers’ wishes, bringing them to life with a creation that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.
In addition, YBOX pays heed to the integration of many green elements in its projects, applying a comprehensive perspective according to which climate-adjusted construction benefits not only the environment but also the residents, since it enables wise and efficient management of the buildings while significantly saving energy and resources. YBOX is led by Yehuda Gorsd, the CEO of YBOX since its foundation.

Notable YBOX projects are, among others, the Florentine Quartet, 16 Raoul Wallenberg, Villa V, and many others. In 2014, YBOX Investment Ltd. acquired controlling interests in a publicly traded group, which became YBOX Real Estate Ltd. (formerly Marathon Investments Ltd.), traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The acquisition of YBOX Real Estate and its transformation into a prominent player in the real estate market bolster YBOX’ position as a major and material market player.  YBOX Real Estate is mainly operating in the field of construction development, and specializes, among other things, in the urban renewal of developing areas.